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Send Cake - Bakes the prinsess cake on the delivery day

Send Cake - prinsess cake ingredients

When you want to make an event stronger and a fun memory you can easily decide your prinsess cake on SkickaTårta.se  Here there are fresh pastries for all events. You can choose from prinsess cakes in different colors so that it works best for you.  
A cake is a large pastry, normally consisting of a number of layers (cake bases) with filling in between.  A matching pastry that is smaller, so that it only represents a portion, is called the normal pastry.  A stump is a small cake.  

Delivery of prinsess cakes 

All prinsess cakes that are delivered are baked fresh and baked by your local pastry chefs near where you will get the cakes delivered.  Your prinsess cakes are ready when you want to have them, usually weekdays and the at the earliest the day after ordering.  In some cases the cake can be ready the same day when you want classic prinsess cakes.   SkickaTårta.se is a services for those that want to order prinsess cakes and other fresh pastries on the internet and is a part of the company Pastry Sweden AB.  
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