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Sandwich Cakes

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We guarantee delivery of sandwich cakes to big cities, but we always try to arrange delivery to smaller cities. The pictures are examples of how sandwich cakes might look. Then there are local producers that design sandwich cakes and there can be abnormalities that occur in fill and appearance. It's two days of ordering time for sandwich cakes, but if you want an earlier delivery date, please contact us. If you wish to have another filling or special cake contact us.
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Send Cake - the sandwich cakes are made on the delivery day

Send Cake - sandwich cakes ingredients

When you want to make an event stronger and a fun memory you can easily order your sandwich cakes on SkickaTarta.se.  Here there are fresh pastries for all of your events.  You can choose sandwich cakes in different flavors so that it works best for your event. 
A sandwich cake is a cake made up of several layers of bread with lots of toppings between. Sandwich cakes come in many different flavors such as for example shrimp, salmon, ham or vegetarian.

Delivery of the sandwich cakes. 

All sandwich cakes that are delivered are made fresh by local pastry chefs near where you will get the cakes delivered.  Your sandwich cakes are ready when you want to have them, usually weekdays and the at the earliest the day after ordering.  In some cases the cake can be ready the same day when you want the classic sandwich cakes.  SkickaTarta.se is a services for those that want to order sandwich cakes and other fresh pastries on the internet and is a part of the company Pastry Sweden AB. 
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