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Lactose Free Cake

Lactose Free Cake Lactose Free Cake

Lactose Free Cake

The image is an example of a lactose-free cake. Taste and appearance may vary. For further information, please contact our customer service.
Lactose free cakes can be delivered to most major cities around Sweden.

NOTE! The cakes are not baked in lactose-free environment and may contain traces of nuts.


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When you are going to do a party or event to a more memorable and more fun memory you can without further problems by ordering your fruit cakes from SkickaTarta.se. Here you can find baked goods of all kinds for all kind of events.
All fruit cakes that you get delivered are fresh and baked by the local pastry chefs near where you are getting your cakes delivered. Your cakes can be ready when you want to, and no earlier than the day after you order the cake. In some cases, it may actually happen that the cakes can be delivered on the same day that you ordered your cakes. Your baked goods, you can get anywhere you want within the country. SkickaTarta.se then is a way for you to order fruit cakes and other fresh baked goods on the Internet and is part of the company Pastry Sweden AB.

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