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Prinsess Cakes

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Here there are prinsess cakes in many different colors and shapes. 

We generally deliver cakes the next working day, if you want to have the cake delivered today then go to Cake-O-Gram today or contact us for more information.  
Prinsess Pastries
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Prinsess Stump
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Prinsess Cake
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Prinsess Cake Blue
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Prinsess cake Pink
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Graduation Cake
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Mother and Child Cak...
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Mother and Child Cak...
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Prinsess Cakes are Swedens most popular cakes

The prinsess cake is  Sweden's most popular cake and is made of a cake base, whipped cream, vanilla cream that is coated with marzpian.   The marzipan coating is normally green with a thin layer of sugar icing on top and is often decorated with a red marzipan rose or something similar.

Classic prinsess cakes do not contain jam and has cream (not cake base) closest to the marzipan layer.  Prinsess cakes with jam on the bottem and pink marzipan is actually an opera cake.

Varieties with other colors of marzipan coatings are often called prinse cakes or sometimes even Carl Gustav cakes (yellow marzipan coating) and opera cakes (red/pink marzipan coating). 

Prinsess cakes history

The original recipe for the prinsess cakes come from the Princesses cookbook from the 1930's that was published by a home economics teacher, Jenny Åkerström, who taught the girls at Östermalm.  Among those fans were Prinsess Märtha, Margaretha och Astrid (daughters to prince Carl and prinsess Ingeborg).  In the book, the cake is named "Green Cake" but it was then named prinsess cake because the prinsesses are said to have been especially fond of them.  

In 2004 the Swedish Association of Bakers and Confectioners instituted "Prinsess Cake Week" the last week in September.  

Send Cake - the prinsess cake is baked on the delivery day

Send Cake - prinsess cakes ingredients

When you want to make an event stronger and a fun memory you can easily order your prinsess cakes on SkickaTarta.se.  Here there are fresh pastries for all of your events.  You can choose prinsess cakes in different colors so that it works best for your event.  

An cake is a large pastry, normally consisting of a number of layers of cake (cake base)  with filling in between.  

A matching cake that is smaller, so that it represents a portion is called a normal pastry.   A stump is a small cake. 

Delivery of prinsess cakes

All prinsess cakes that are delivered are baked fresh and baked by local pastry chefs near where you will get the cakes delivered.  Your prinsess cakes are ready when you want to have them, usually weekdays and the at the earliest the day after ordering.  In some cases the cake can be ready the same day when you want the classis prinsess cakes.  SkickaTarta.se is a services for those that want to order prinsess cakes and other fresh pastries on the internet and is a part of the company Pastry Sweden AB. 

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